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Welcome to the official website of Sydonis - a game that immerses the player in an epic, against-all-odds battle to protect the human race.

The Story Of Sydonis

An interplanetary war has been raging on for centuries in your corner of the universe and it has reached a stalemate. Neither side has been able to make any decisive steps toward victory and for the moment it seems like the war will drag on for several more centuries unless someone can produce an ultimate weapon which can put an immediate end to the war.

Your scientists have been secretly working on a planetary defense system that once activated will be able to indefinitely protect your planets from attack by the Black Sect. The system has entered the final stages of testing and is to be deployed around the planet Sigmarta for a final test before mass production and deployment can commence.

You are a lowly engineer on the starship Sydonis which is transporting the prototype to Sigmarta. However on its way it is hijacked by space pirates intent on selling the prototype to the highest bidder, the Black Sect. The pirates have killed everyone on the crew except for you. You cannot allow the space pirates to take control of the prototype. It is your duty to either retake the ship or destroy the prototype, your planets depend on your success for survival!

What Is Sydonis?

Sydonis is the brainchild of six Cornell University students, developed for Introduction to Computer Game Design. Sydonis was created using GameX, an open source game engine available online. Our goal was to create a level based action-adventure game with a top-down view on a two dimensional grid. The main advantage to creating levels was that we could create as few or as many as time allowed once the core portions of the game were nearing completion. Given that we were able to progress fairly quickly and had very few serious problems we were able to create an amazing 100 levels that continuously push the player to their limits.

Our ideas for Sydonis came from classic games such as Bomberman, Zelda, and Chip's Challenge. The mixing of design elements from those great games is part of what makes Sydonis so enjoyable to play. Once players beat the 100 story levels they can use the built in level editor to create more levels and create new challenges for themseleves. The multiplayer mode allows players to play against a friend with one person taking control of the Trackers.

BOOM Spring 2006 Project
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