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Our story begins far in the future, after mankind has mastered the art of traveling between distant stars. A ceaseless galactic war has been raging for centuries between the Galactic Planets and the Black Sect. It has become a stalemated war of attrition, with horrific attacks and counter attacks. On a constant quest of undermining the Galactic Planets, terrorist acts carried out by underlings of the Black Sect have ripped through the home worlds of the Galactic Planets. To counter the terrorist threat while guarding against Black Sect military maneuvers, the Galactic Planets' scientists have been toiling over the development of an artificial intelligence to monitor all interplanetary activity and coordinate all military forces.

After many years of research and failed attempts, the planetary defense system, Panopticon, has been perfected and is being sent out to the once majestic planet of Sigmarta aboard the starship Sydonis. If the prototype aboard Sydonis works, the Galactic Planets will be nearly invincible and may finally have the advantage they need to finally turn the tide of war in their favor. In the hopes of preventing the system from falling into the hands of the Black Sect, the prototype is being deployed by a transport ship with no convey to hopefully keep attention away from the deployment.

Aboard Sydonis is everything that is required to deploy Panopticon and get it fully operational. All starship crew members must undergo several years of military and basic engineering training before being allowed on active duty, and with the added contingent of engineers supporting the deployment there should be no possibility of failure.

In route to Sigmarta, the Sydonis is attacked by ships of the Black Sect and boarded. The Trackers move throughout the ship killing everyone they see and dumping the bodies in the cargo hold. They make sure that all crew members are accounted for in the cargo hold, and then proceed with their plans to reprogram Panopticon and deploy it for use defending their planets. However the Trackers weren't very thorough in checking all the bodies. You manage to survive because you were knocked unconscious during the initial fire fight between the Sydonis and the Black Sect ships.

You awaken to find yourself in the cargo hold, surrounded by the bodies of all your fellow crew members. At first it seems unthinkable to you that anything like this could have happened, but then you remember the fire fight and realize that the Sydonis must have been hijacked. You instantly know what you have to do. Panopticon cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of the Black Sect. Thankfully it is too large to be safely transported from ship to ship without space cranes, so the Black Sect must take Sydonis back to their territory in order to get Panopticon. The only way to prevent the Black Sect from gaining control of Panopticon is to retake the ship or to destroy it.

As Sydonis makes its way towards the planets of the Black Sect you realize that your only option is to destroy her. As the sole survivor there is no way for you to retake the ship from the thousands of Trackers that are now onboard, but thankfully you have the element of surprise; the Trackers think that they have killed everyone. Trying to stay out of main corridors so you won't be spotted, you begin to make your way through the maze of crates with only the energy gun and plasma bombs you were able to find on one of the bodies.

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